Coir + Rebonded Foam + Coir + Foam
Body Care

A completely natural product is made from coconut shell fibre laced with memory foam. Rubberized coir adds to the durability and gives very firm support to the spine. What else can you ask for, the memory foam quilting and aloe vera cotton fabric gives a comforting sleep surface and reduces the sleep disturbances. The genius combination of coir and memory foam is the perfect solution for all kinds of sleepers. The multilayered luxury mattress comes with a balance between soft memory foam and firm high density rubberized coir sheet.

Coir + Rebonded Foam + Coir + Latex
Natural Care

The high density coir layer is sandwiched between the 100% natural latex in the top and the rebonded layer for correct anatomical support. Though this type is firm, it is ideal for sleepers who require a great back support. The firmness of coir is not felt as we have added foam quilting on the top and bottom. Comfort, tenny fabric, high density bounded foam, put together gives you total body support.

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