Rubberized Coir
Coco Coir

As the name implies this is made from coconut shell fibre laced with natural latex. These mattresses are less vulnerable to weather conditions. This one’s definitely an all rounder! Are you a side sleeper? Or a back sleeper? Or the stomach sleeper types? Be it anything and this mattress takes care. It adapts to your sleep pattern and the super soft foam quilting gives you a cosy doze.

Coir + Rebonded Foam + Coir
Coir Comfort

The high density coir and rebonded mattress combo is perfect for a good anatomical support and encourages a natural sleeping position. This mattress is firm yet comfy – ideal for sleepers who need a greater back support. As coir tends to be firm, we have added foam quilting on the top and bottom. This gives you great comfort. The intelligent blend of rubberized coir, fine jacquard fabric and high density bounded foam makes your slumber the perfect one.

Gel + Coir + Rebonded Foam + Coir

This is the right solution for all sleeping styles. The rebonded foam balances the entire body and maintains one’s body temperature. This variety is soft on one side and hard on the other. The softness comes from the gel foam while the high density rubberized coir sheets attributes the hardness. The integration of two contrasting surfaces is created keeping in mind our customers needs. Also the multilayer comes as a boon for those with joint problems, back aches and arthritis.

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