Bonnell Spring Normal Wire
Bonnell Touch

Bonnell springs are bordered with steel wire coils with a rounded top and hence in spite of the bouncing action, the sleeper will not feel the rigid spring edges. These interlinked springs are covered with a thick layer of quilting and foam. They offer a good degree of contouring support and the strong border of wire retains the shape of the mattress throughout its life.

Bonnell Spring Foam

This mattress is an amalgamation of bonnell spring and soft foam layer. The former gives better support system while the latter gives the feel of extreme luxury. Its hypoallergenic, mite proof and phthalate free. These are topped with high density rubberised coir felt and are presented with towel jacquard fabric.The elegant square cut corner makes the mattress to perfectly sit atop the bed.

Pocket Spring Pillow Top
Pocket Touch

This mattress is crafted with luxurious pocketed spring with a layer of super soft foam wall. This technology adds a uniform stability to the mattress increasing the durability and comfort.

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